For more than 15 years, the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures has offered intensive language training in Japanese during summer months. Called Summer East Asian Language Studies (SEALS), it continues to offer a concentrated mix of intensive training in language and culture.

In SEALS Japan, JPNSE 1061 First Year Japanese is equivalent to two semesters of Japanese at Pitt (i.e., JPNSE 0001 and JPNSE 0002). Likewise, Second Year Japanese JPNSE 1062 is equivalent to second year Japanese courses at Pitt (i.e., JPNSE 0003 and JPNSE 0004). These two classes have a special ten-week span: it starts two weeks later than Pitt's regular 12-week summer term.

Third year Japanese is taught as a sequence of two 4-week courses (JPNSE 1020 and JPNSE 1021). It meets six hours a day Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Scholarships are available for First and Second Year Japanese SEALS.

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