PhD & MA Programs

Departments with strength in Japan studies include History of Art & Architecture, Anthropology, East Asian Languages & Literatures, History, and Religious Studies. There are also options for an Interdisciplinary Masters of Arts in East Asian Studies, and the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs joint degree with Kobe University. For more, see below. 

Interdisciplinary Masters of Arts in East Asian Studies (IDMA)

If you are contemplating a Asia-related career in government, business, politics, law,or pre-collegiate teaching, or wish to acquire broadly based East Asia academic training before enrolling in a doctoral program, you should consider the Interdisciplinary Master of Arts in East Asian Studies.

As the name suggests, you will take graduate courses of your choosing, after consulting the academic director of the program, in a variety of disciplines in humanities, social sciences, education, and international studies, to name a few. The program is administered by the Asian Studies Center, part of the University Center for International Studies, and the degree is granted by the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures.

IDMA is typically a two-year program. Before being admitted as a student, you must have had at least two years of formal language training in Chinese or Japanese, have a strong academic record, and possess academic interests compatible with the expertise of the East Asian faculty at the University of Pittsburgh.

Tuition reduction. All IDMA students pay the in-state tuition; this means that you will pay approximately $10,000 less than the normal out-of-state tuition rate. In addition, IDMA students are eligible apply for a number of scholarships and fellowships administered by the Asian Studies Center.

For more go to the East Asian Languages & Literatures website:



The University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) has developed a number of international partnerships that offer students the possibility to study abroad for a regular academic term, during the summer, or —in a double degree program — for an entire year or more:

Joint Degrees at Kobe University, Japan: Through a special partnership, students may combine their GSPIA degrees with one of several degrees offered by the Graduate School of International Cooperative Studies at Kobe University: the Master of International Affairs, Master of Laws, Master of Economics, or Master of Political Science. The Kobe GSICS curriculum is in English. For more, click here.