East Asian Languages & Literatures

The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (EALL) offers courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages, literature, film, theater, and culture. When students enroll in the department’s courses, they take classes from teachers who are nationally recognized as experts in their fields. In the department’s highly rated language classes, students learn to develop all language skills and use them with fluency and accuracy. EALL teachers recognize that linguistic skills alone are not sufficient; students also need to learn about culture and how to behave appropriately in that culture. 

About 200 students study in the Japanese language program in a term. For the size of language faculty (seven full-time and several part-time instructors), the department has a large number of students and majors (about 70). 

EALL offers both a major and a minor in the Japanese language. The language program is offered in five proficiency levels, with appropriate courses for students to progress from beginning to advanced level. Fifth year Japanese is offered for those who want more study in reading or speaking, such as graduate students with specific research requirements. Many of EALL’s students are double majors. In addition, students can enroll in a large number of Japan-related courses in departments such as History of Art & Architecture, Anthropology, History, Music, Religious Studies and Sociology.

Pitt is a member of the study abroad consortium to send students to Konan University in Kobe, Japan. Pitt also holds special ties with Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto), Kobe University, Okayama University and Kitakyushu University. Our students have studied at a number of other institutions in Japan as well.

For more go to the East Asian Languages & Literatures website: http://www.deall.pitt.edu