Graduate Students

Jung Hui Kim

ABD, supervised by Karen M. Gerhart (History of Art & Architecture)
Dissertation: “Battling for the Cradle:  Religion, Gender, and Class in the Images of Childbirth in Edo Japan.”

Gabrielle Lee

Gabrielle Lee received her BA from Pitt in Japanese and Classics, as well as several departmental awards, including the Summer FLAS, a Study in Japan Scholarship, and a Summer Undergraduate Research Award. During her last semester as an undergraduate, she studied for a semester at Konan University in Kobe. Currently, she is a graduate student in the School of Computing and Information Science, pursuing a Master's degree in Library and Information Science, expecting to graduate in August 2018. She is also an intern in the Office of Digital Strategy at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, as well as a member of the National Japanese Honor Society. Most recently, she has received an Academics Prize in Japanese.


Elizabeth Morrissey

ABD, supervised by Karen M. Gerhart (History of Art & Architecture)                                                                 Dissertation Title: "Ritual Re-imagined: Buddhism, Art, and Imperial Power in the Illustrated Legends of Ishiyama-dera Handscroll" 

Andrea Radziminski

Andrea Radziminski received her BA from Pitt in Japanese and History, along with several departmental awards. 

Lauren Sealy Krishnamurti

Supervised by Gabriella Lukacs (Anthropology)
Examining how Asian-American youth use social media to cope with mental health problems in contexts in which their parents see issues, such as anxiety and depression, as expressions of human weakness and discourage their children from seeking professional help. 

Ieva Tretjuka

Supervised by Gabriella Lukacs (Anthropology)
Working on a dissertation project that explores how the economic recession has affected the production of scientific innovation and the labor conditions of scientists in contemporary Japan.

Carolyn Wargula

ABD, History of Art and Architecture, Supervised by Karen M. Gerhart (History of Art & Architecture)
Proposed Dissertation Topic: "Hair Relics and Ornamentation in Pre-Modern Japan"

James Williams

Supervised by Charles Exley (East Asian Languages & Literatures)
Thesis: “Robotech Toys, Database Consumers, and the Modular Nation in Contemporary Japan.” 
Interdisciplinary Masters IDMA, "Robotech Toys, Database Consumers, and the Modular Nation in Contemporary Japan."